New Zealand 2006 travel blog

Telephoto shot Mount Cook from 45 miles away


Taieri Gorge Railway Dunedin

Round Bolders at Moeraki north of Dunedin

Wild lupins at Lake tekapo

South Island southern most tip! on the Catlins coast line

Purakanui waterfall on the Catlins coast line

Dunedin Railway Station

Catlins overnight stopin quarry - just full of yellow lupins

View from train on Taieri Gorge Railway

Moeraki Boulder split open with Gail peering in.

We are staying at Lake takapo soom 40 miles from Mt Cook. The weather when we arrived was fanastic but in the evening it clouded over again so we weren't able to visit the Mt John Observatory to look at the night sky. So we decided to stay on for a second day..... and what a good decision that was.

The weather has been fantastic all day, blue skies and warm. So we went for a 4hr walk up to the Mt John Observatory. Quite a climb but the views across the lake were increadible, with water aqua blue. We could see for 40 or 50 miles in all directions once we reached the top. Good job there as a cafe up there as we needed some refreshments by then!

Once back to Lake Tekapo village we visited a lovely little church called the Church of the Good Shepard. This was built in 1935 right on the backs of the lake. Didn't need any stained glass windows , just relied on the terrific views outside.... and it really worked well.

Still hoping to visit the observatory onight, looks more promissing as the skies are still fairly clear.... just have to wait an see what develops.

Tommorrow we move onto our last stop in NZ, near Christchurch. So our time here is nearly at an end. Saturday we travel to Fiji, hopefully (as they are in the middle of a Millitary Coup just now, but we're told its not stopping there tourist industry..... we'll see.

We'll try to upload some more photos before we leave NZ. WE "should" have some wonderful scenic shots to show you, if we took them properly. Bye for now.

Love to you all, Richard and Gail

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