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In San Jose






I can't believe that this is my last night in Central America, the last month has flown by so quickly.

I've been travelling since 4.45am, left Omatepe and bused it over the border into Costa Rica and have arrived in San Jose. Its a pity I'm only here one night, it looks like a great city.

But I'm off to London, via Miami, tomorrow afternoon.

Feeling a little homesick today and part of me wishes I was flying home tomorrow instead of further away, but I'm sure that will be a distant memory once I arrive in London and get to go shopping!!! I have been so well behaved on the shopping front, all I have bought, clothes wise, in the whole month is one t-shirt and a pair of pants. I have never been so restrained in my entire life! But I can go beserk in London, my excuse is I don't have any warm clothes with me... :)

". . .the grand tour is just the inspired man's way of heading home." -Paul Theroux

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