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The Carmague (flat)

The sea.....

....and sand

Some more Carmague

I could smell it but couldn't see it. I was heading for Arles today but decided to take the rather excessive detour in to the Carmague to see the Mediteranian Sea at St Marie de la Mere. The root was flat the entire way but also very windy and extremely hot.

The Carmague 'The Land of Rice' it said as I entered the national park. Not really a claim to fame I would have adopted since I'm sure China and India may have strogner claims to such a title. The land of horses, bulls and millions of insects is more appropriate. However the horses are only used to transport fat tourist around the park and are mostly kept tied up in tiny stalls. The bulls are reared to be 'nobley' slaughtered in the bull ring, and the flies? They are just f*@#ing annoying !

I daren't open my mouth for much of today for fear of swallowing a bee or dragonfly or swarm of mosquitos. I could be the human equivalent of the basking shark if I had a penchent for our little winged & multi-legged friends but I don't; so I kep^t my mouth firmly shut. At won point I made the mistake of turning my head to look at a view and got an earful of bugs. My ear was ringing for some while after that error of judgement and for all I know they've laid a load of eggs in my head and the lavae are eating away at me right now. Marvellous!!

In an attempt to capture the road-kill of my journey I stoped at one point to take a picture of a dead cat. I felt guilty so stopped not long after to delete it. Sorry Rus, you'll have to wait until I get more hardened to thei idea of taking pictures of dead things. Thankfully ther's no hedgehogs in Provence.....I was sure I was ghinna gat a puncture at some point form one of those squashed succurs!

St Marie de la Mere is the spiritual home of the Gypsies and is where Marie (mother of Jesus) landed in Gaul after the death of Jesus. Apparently she was of dark skin and the gypsie world belive that she was a gypsie. Every year they congregate in St Marie to celebrate her arrival.

Anyway the fact that the place is full of theiveing gypsies was good enought reason not to hang about and to get myself straigth away back up to Arles.

More museums tomorrow.

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