Snowbirds - Winter 2006 travel blog

Fun N Sun campground

We have driven the Texas Tropics Trail to the very bottom of the state and installed ourselves in our home away from home for the next month - Fun N Sun campground. It has about 1500 sites; some are occupied by trailers that people have planted permanently on site. The park is quite full, but it looks like we could have just showed up without a reservation. It was hard deciding which campground to chose; there are about ten more about this size or larger within twenty miles. One of the reasons we are here is we thought there must be something to the place if so many other snowbirds are choosing to spend the winter in this area. We have three full time activity directors and a bike ride around the place revealed a wood shop, lapidary shop, silversmith studio, sewing studio, computer room, beauty parlor/barber shop, fitness center, shuffle board courts, tennis courts, health club, driving range, softball field, bocci ball courts, video arcade, and dance hall. There may be more. Usually when we get to an area new to us, we like to run around and see it all, but it feels like the philosophy here is, "Why leave when it's all here?"

This appears to be an agricultural area, but nothing is growing in the fields at the moment even though the temperatures are in the '80's. We don't know if that's because it is winter even here or because this area like the rest of the state is suffering from drought. It is conceivable that the fields have been planted, but the seeds are waiting for water to sprout. We passed lots of roadside fruit stands and I enjoyed one of the best oranges I have ever eaten. It was sweet and juicy without running down my chin and about as big as my head. The grocery store is understandably heavy on the hispanic. There were more choices of tortillas than breads and fresh salsa for sale with many different ingredients and heat strengths.

Most of the people here who look like me, really look like me - gray hair and wrinkles. The rest of the populace look like they came over the nearby border, more or less recently.

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