Wheelygoode Adventures 2005/6 travel blog

The expressway was still free for southbound travelers, although we heard that from Kissimmee northbound the tolls were on. The road was full of trucks - large semis, flat beds carrying generators or tree chipping equipment, whole fleets of electrical trucks, pick up trucks with generators and cans of gasoline or full of water containers. There was a good number of RV's as well. At our exit, there was one lane full of RV's heading for the campgrounds at Okeechobee to the right, and another lane backed up to the left which turned out to be a lineup for fuel at a service station! Mike estimated they would have a several hour wait - what were we heading into? We turned on to the I-95 and as we got further south there was more evidence of damage with trees downed, and then house damage. We were about 5 miles from the marina when we got a phone call from Oliver - where were we? When they heard we were so close they said they'd hold happy hour for us! The Okeechobee waterway was very high and the railway bridge was strangely half open. No stream of boats. When we got to the marina it was evident from the criss cross of sailboat masts that there was some boat damage - how would Some Goode be? And there were our friends - Pam and Oliver, Mick and Mary standing at the entrance waving! It was so good to see them again!

There was no power at the marina, and a curfew in town, so since we were getting hungry and all wanted to talk, we decided to go to Dee Stephanos, the local restaurant (cheap food) for supper where there was room for all of us - and so 12 of us talked and ate and talked some more until curfew when we headed back to our boats/RVs. Pam and Oliver came over and we ended the evening with a game of euchre - we played 3 games and each won 2. Sounds wrong, but Pam & I skunked the guys first game which gave us 2 points. Guess we'll have to settle that another evening.

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