Our European Trip - 2005 travel blog

Sunrise over Rhodes

Royal Star Docking at Rhodes

Palace of the Grand Masters, Rhodes

Two Lady Christines!

Ferry Aground at Rhodes Harbour

St. Nicholas Fort, Rotterdam & Lady Christine

Fountain in Rhodes

Rhodes City Wall and St. Nicholas Fort

It was really nice to waken up and recognize a place! We woke early while it was still dark and saw lights. We looked out, but there was not much to see. We dozed for a while and got up as it got light to see Rhodes. The ship had docked and soon was joined by a 5-mast sailing cruise ship. We watched it dock while we had breakfast on our balcony.

We got ready and walked into Rhodes, passing a ferry which was leaving the dock. We browsed the stores in the old city. It was quiet as most people had gone on tours. The weather was warm and sunny and grew warmer as the day progressed. We walked through the shopping area and into a more residential part of the old city where it was really quiet, then back to one of the squares. We left the old city and walked along the dockside. You probably thought we had travelled by train and cruise ship, but the accompanying photos will show that we in fact met our yacht here which we had left at Portofino and travelled to the various intervening places by our helicopter! A closer examination of the photos will show that this yacht is the "Lady Christine", where the one in Portofino was the "Lady Christina". It is quite a coincidence that we should find two similar yachts with similar names to Christine on our travels.

We walked to the end of the island where quite a crowd had gathered watching the ferry we had seen cast off as we left the ship. It was stuck, apparently having run aground just out of the harbour. A tug was trying to free it, but without success. It was still there later when we rejoined the ship. We sat in a cafe having a cool drink and watched the activity for a while. We walked through the new town back to the old city and made some final purchases before finding an Internet cafe where we updated the web site.

We then returned to the ship and picked up snacks at the Neptune Lounge for a late lunch on our balcony. We watched the preparation for leaving and had a rest before getting ready for dinner.

Dinner was again a delightful experience. Too much good food will undo any benefit we have had from all the walking on our trip! We listened to the string trio for a short while then went to the show. It was the same cast as the earlier show, but singing various pieces loosely connected by the theme of "Hats". It was very enjoyable.

Tomorrow we are off to Piraeus for Athens. Much to the horror of the American lady at our table we plan on taking the Metro. I am sure she is convinced we will be at least mugged, if not come to an untimely end!

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