Chica's Gap Year Part II 2005/06 travel blog

Our only views of cheetahs at Gobabis

Leopard having dinner

Me, Bonnie and Jenny (the girls having a laugh)

Waterburg Plateau


The Etosha Pan

Lion first thing in the morning

Gobabis was our first stop in Namibia. We didn't see much of the town though our campsite was a bit different. The reason to stay where we did was that the owners of the campsite held a "feed the animals" session at 5pm each day. I found it rather sad that the animals being fed were behind a fence. The camp owner told us that the animals came to the site as they were sick, however, he didn't mention (or maybe I didn't hear the bit when he explained how the animals were returned to the wild. It seems they were free to roam around the farm, which may have been many hundreds or thousands of acres, however, they seemd to return each day at the same time for a feed. No, I didn't feel to good about this set up at all and to cap it all... it was the only place that I saw a cheetah. There was also a leopard there, unfortunately, the only pictures I have were taken with the animal behind a fence.

On to happier things, Etosha National Park was much better. The park was 22,270 sq km with all sorts roaming about including lion, cheetah, loepard and lots of species from the antelope family. In the midddle of the park was a very flat, hot and dry area of approx. 5,000 sq km called the Etosha Pan. There was nothing to see here, we were here to experience the heat and see how dry the Pan was.

The prize for this safari was to spot rhino, white or the rarer black rhino. We were lucky enough to see lions, elephants and gemsbok (appear on the Namibian coat of arms) whilst out on safari in the truck. There were also some birds, but to be honest I wasn't interested... I had rhino on my mind.

The park authorities had constructed a waterhole near the campsite, this was the best place to be after dinner. Patience is well rewarded. Saw giraffes having a drink, then the lions arrived and the giraffes became like plastic statues watching the lions. A few cheeky jackals were running about in the background when a rhino (not sure whether black or white) and her baby came for a drink! That was fantastic!! The mother was herding the baby around the waterhole away from the drinking lions and elephants. When they finished drinking the baby had a lie down and the mother kept watch. I didn't get any digital photos of the event (camera not up to it) though I did get some blurry snaps from the big camera! All the time the giraffes watched the lions....

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