Diamond Head Rim



Last one!

We had another awesome scenic drive today, we drove as close as we could get to the top of Diamond Head. We had an incredible view. We didn't take the 30 minute hike by foot for the top view, but what we saw was spectacular. We will be taking a cruise to view it from the water later this week too.

Diamond Head is part of the complex of cones, vents, and their associated eruption flows that are collectively known to geologists as the Honolulu Volcanic Series, eruptions from the Koʻolau Volcano that took place long after the volcano formed and had gone dormant. The Honolulu Volcanic Series is a series of volcanic eruption events that created many of Oahu's well-known landmarks, including Punchbowl Crater, Hanauma Bay, Koko Head, and Mānana Island in addition to Diamond Head.

Another wonderful day in Hawaii. Check back later for more from Hawaii.

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