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It was another 40 mph wind day so before it got really bad we went to see Big Daddy's flea market on N. Main. This address gives the impression that it is downtown in a parking lot. Turns out North Main is Hwy 70. We could see it from the road but couldn't figure out where to exit. Finally had to back track and take a feeder road. Upon arrival we thought maybe we had crossed the border but having been in Mexico for 2 months back in 2008 we had never see a market place this bad. There were piles of clothing we would have rejected giving to Goodwill. Broken , rusted tools, appliances without cords and parts, tubs of used toys,a stand that sold brass knuckles, and a man who wanted to sell us a diamond ring for $8. Your wondering why we didn't we get back in the truck and get out. The people were friendly , the food smelled heavenly, and there were some gems amongst the rubble. Entire family's were at the cantinas and we chose one and had some really superb enchiladas. They had fruit bouquets on sticks and you could buy the entire vase or just a couple pieces. The home grown plants and original painting were beautiful. Then wind started and it was hard to breath.

We put the mall address into the GPS while sitting in a lot across from Taco Bell . I went over to buy drinks and ordered 2 medium and the woman at the counter said they were on the house. I still have no idea why. Without any stress we found not only the mall but a Mecca of restaurants and Hobby Lobby. Today I will print coupons from my email and we will return to the area. Dick says when we travel we " learn and leave."

There may be some wind in El Paso tomorrow but we are going to hit the road anyway. Once we can get on I20 towards Dallas there will be little if any.

Hoping to Torque the tires and polish the rims on the trailer today or at least assist or wait on the person doing the work. Gonna be a hot one!

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