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The mass balloon accession this morning was fabulous . It's something you just never get tried of watching. We headed out to pick up our mail from Fed-ex. It has been following us since Oklahoma City. A customer service rep and me duked it out and it was finally ready to pick in the same city we were camped in. As we drove to the southern part of town we saw balloons landing everywhere. Chase teams following balloons ,It 's something you just don't see anywhere else in such volume. With the mail in our possession we headed for Walmart to pick up a few things.

The slowest check out in the west was in the next aisle. 35 minutes we were in line and the cashier in the next aisle was so slow and deliberate that Dick and I could not look at each other without laughing. You would of thought she was packing hand grenades. Two per bag then double bagged.

Tonight the tour fed us thanksgiving dinner. I had a second helping of mashed potatoes for dessert.

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