They had a lot of rain in Vegas, we ran into quite...

There is a lot to see and do at Bonnie Springs...

Wowser mountains at the ranch..


Loved this one..:-)

Old Nevada town..

The cool train..

This is a neat town...don't miss if in Las Vegas..

Tame peacocks walk all around town..

Zombie Paintball...

We get to be in the pictures today, Betty is with us...

This is a beautiful area for horseback riding...

Jerry's horse....haha

Love this picture of Betty and Jerry....

Betty took this one, how nice to have pictures of us too...:-)

We didn't go in but I read this one is cool inside,...

The pond is full of ducks and more..

A handsome rooster...:-)

Looking back at the pond with the restaurant on the right..

Peacocks are everywhere..

Wowser color...

Profile view...:-)

Peahens arrive and the males start showing off...:-)

Close view of the wowser colors..

He definitely showed off ..:-)

Another view..


Close view..



Back view...

Betty with the peacock...

Jerry with the peacock...

Last one from Bonnie Springs..

Last one, wowser mountain views on the drive home..

We are having a great time in Vegas with Betty. We went for a Sunday drive and visited Bonnie Springs Ranch today. Bonnie Springs Ranch is a western-themed amusement park located in the Mojave Desert, below the Spring Mountains in the Red Rock Canyon area. The ranch has natural oasis habitat, from the spring water surfacing here. The present day Bonnie Springs Ranch features include: horseback riding, a zoo, the "Old Nevada" western town, a miniature train, a 46-room motel, a restaurant and more.

The ranch at the natural springs was first established in 1843, as a watering stopover for wagon trains going to California on the Old Spanish Trail. In 1972, construction began on Old Nevada, the name given to a series of buildings replicating an 1880s mining town. The buildings are made of weathered wood. Old Nevada opened in 1974, and includes a wedding chapel, souvenir shops, a wax museum, a western-style saloon, a small schoolhouse, and staged gunfights. They even have a zombie bus for paintball. They can't shoot back! You can take a ride on the Zombie Paintball Express into the depths of the unforgiving desert located on the Bonnie Springs Ranch just 20 minutes outside of Las Vegas and you will shoot live zombies. Your Zombie Paintball Express weapon & ammunition package includes 200 paintballs, a rapid fire paintball gun, and while on the bus, if you think 200 paintballs isn’t enough, you can buy more. :-)

Our favorite part of the park were the peacocks, they were everywhere and some were showing off with their beautiful feathers spread out wide while prancing around the peahens. It was a sight to see. We also visited Red Rock Canyon while in the area. I will be doing another update on it soon, check back later for more from Nevada.

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