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KL- indian influence

KL-chinese influence

KL-malay influence

Petronas towers at night

and one of the towers at day

both of them

it is fashion weeks here!

I had to humm Star Wars theme to this. Also, now we...

megamall, baby!

a walk in the park

orchid garden

charlie gets artistic

we can't get enough of monkeys!

The bus ride to KL was very comfortable. Not quite as luxurious as buses in Argentina (nothing matches that), but still very nice. So was the scenery. Starting up in Thailand and a long ways down in Malaysia the peninsula has these amazing looking mountains, giant rock faces with the deep green forrest sitting on top as unruly hair. A lot like the mountain immages on old Chinese painings.

KL is big and very modern. It is a very nice city, although the first impression was not necessarily that positive. The walk to hotel that we picked took us down a covered market street that was way too busy for tired people with big backpacks and had too many kids trying to sell pirated DVDs. It is hard to stay polite turning down offers every 5 second. Also our first try on restaurants in the area did not go well, none had menus, a few had pictures on the wall, but without prices on those. However even with these KL turned out to be a great experience.

One of the first "sights" that we visited was the Midvalley Megamall, the largest mall in this neck of the woods. I am precisely as excited about about spending time at malls as most any other guys (ie, why don't you just shoot me?), but KL IS consumerism central, so one cannot just ignore a major place in a city.

We also visited with the Petronas Towers, the buildings that were the tallest buildings up until not too long ago. We couldn't get onto the bridge that connects the two towers, because the free tickets sell out daily by like 8:30-9 AM. We also went to see the national museum. There was a bunch of interesting ethnografic stuff there, including (I am not sure how integrally) an exhibit on circumcision. This particular part was temporarily removed except for a boy's drawings and telling of the story of his big day. Nearby there are some vary nice gardens, including an orchid and a hybiscus garden. Oh, yes, and finally we saw some more monkeys roamaming around.

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