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Out our back door.

The leaves are turing.


This is made out of antlers.

Yesterday we just stayed home and got the laundry done. Donald washed the windows and they sure needed it. So of course when we got up this morning it looks like rain. I guess as dry as it has been up here we should have washed them long time ago.

We talked to the man here at the park about finding a way out of here without going over the mountain. Donald knows we wouldn't have any trouble but he said it would be better for the truck if we didn't't go over it. It was only going to be about 30 miles out of our way to go around. So going around won out and I am so glad.

We left about 9:00 this morning The roads we went on were pretty good. It rained on us most of the morning . We were planning on driving 190 miles and when we got where we were going to stay it was only 1o'clock so we decided to drive on. We ended up driveing 376 miles which is what we had planned on for two days.

My sister-in-law Kathy called and said my brother wasn't doing very well. He has heart disease so Friday the 14 th Sept. he will have a defubulater put in. We won't be able to be there Friday but I am about ready to move on to Texas.

After it quit raining it started warming up, within about a hour it went from 69 to 54 and then back up to 75. The wind started blowing real hard and by the time we stopped for the night we were having dust blowing everywhere. You should see our windows now. They are so dirty you can't hardly see out them.

We have stopped at the Western Hills Campground. It is just a real big gravel parking lot. Nice and level and good pull thru spots. When we pulled in about 4 o'clock there was so many campers pulled in we had to stop in the road. A man from the campground motioned us into the exit. I think there was about 6 people waiting to register. Good thing they have 92 full hookup spots.

Gas has been around 4.25 on the interstate so when we pulled in we saw a station that had it for 3.99 so we unhooked and found a Pizza Hut. Had not seen one in a long time so we had to have pizza for dinner. Then bought some of that cheap (ha ha) gas. When we got back to the campground it was almost full.

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