Mountain views on the drive to Mt. Charleston..

They had enough snow in the area for the sleigh ride...:-)

The A framed restaurant from the outside..

The little flea market with cabins in the background..

Our chili bowl was HUGE..we took a lot of food home..

Jerry's hot dog :-)

Loved the fire in the middle of the room..

They had some nice jewelry for sale...

It started to snow when we got outside..

Last one, mountain homes on the drive back..

We picked Betty up at her home this afternoon and drove back to Mount Charleston, We have visited the area many times and always loved it. Mount Charleston is named for nearby Mount Charleston, the highest point in Clark County. The town is known for its hiking trails, and for the Mount Charleston Lodge, a rustic hotel. We stayed in one of the cabins many years ago and never forgot it. At an elevation of approximately 7,500 feet, temperatures are much lower than in Las Vegas, which has an elevation of about 2,000 feet, making it a popular place for Las Vegans to vacation. The mean high temperature is 20.4 degrees (Fahrenheit) cooler than in Las Vegas. The area is also known as a vacation village for wealthy Las Vegas residents.

We stopped at the Charleston Lodge Restaurant for lunch. The aroma and sounds of a crackling fire greeted us, at the top of the mountain surrounded by juniper, mountain mahogany, aspen, and ponderosa pine trees, nature is all around you.The focus of the Lodge’s décor is the large open fireplace in the center of the 200-capacity facility. Windows surround three sides of the room with the lounge along one wall. The A-frame building features a 20-foot loft ceiling and equally high window opposite the lounge. The rustic atmosphere of the Lodge evokes feelings of quaintness.

Betty and I enjoyed a huge bowl of chili, we didn’t expect so much for only $11, we had to take a lot of it home. Jerry feasted on a huge hot dog with chili and fries for $10, they serve huge serving, you could easily order and split a meal. We had hoped to take Betty on a sleigh ride, we were told they had discontinued the rides. The snow started coming down after lunch, we enjoyed shopping at a little flea market before driving back down the mountain to Las Vegas. It was another fun day with family in Vegas. We are planning to spend the weekend with our grandson, Cameron, we can’t wait to spend some time with him. Check back later for more from Vegas.

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