We had fun at the Japanese Restaurant...

Our chef was fabulous ..

The food was too...:-)

Making the onion volcano..

He filled it with oil making it smoke..

And it blew up cool to watch...:-)

Wowser trees blooming around town...




Last one!

We are having a wonderful time visiting family in Vegas. We spent last weekend at Betty’s and had Cameron over. I am trying to catch up on my updates. :-) Betty has three bedrooms with plenty of room for all of us to stay. We all went out for Japanese food at the Osaka Japenese Bistro, we had the teppanyaki hibachi style Japanese where they cook everything on a huge grill with a fantastic show. We were impressed with the chef as well as the food, both were fantastic. He took onions and made a volcano out of the rings and set it on fire, it smoked just like a real volcano. He also made fried rice for Cameron, put it in a bowl and then tossed it in the air landing on his hat without a single spill. I have seen a lot of these shows, he was the best I have seen.

Cameron also enjoyed driving us all over town, he has his drivers license now, it is a learning permit, he has to have a licensed driver with him at all times, grandpa sat in the front with him while Betty and I sat in the back and enjoyed having him chauffeur us around. Saturday morning we all had pancakes and bacon together before letting Cameron drive himself back home. I was having too much fun to take a lot of pictures, I will try to take more next time. I am adding a few pictures of the incredible chef and some of the beautiful blooming trees around town. Check back later for more from Las Vegas.

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