Our setup at the Oaks at Point South

the forest around us

we take a walk on a trail that leads to a lake...

theres a lot of property on this campground

the lake is big and separates our park with a KOA

John and MJ and us go to Beaufort and the Kazoo factory...

Kazoo gets you hummin



gold Kazoo

Erin gives us our tour demonstration and history lesson about Kazoos


first stage,

add the

Rebecca finishes her kazoo

Now, just add hum and music is made

John finished his

MJ finished hers

different products

wow, Kazoo's





St Johns in Savanna

St Johns in Savanna

Catch a trolley tour in big cities, they give you an overall...

We had lunch at the iconic old house, but ...

we weren't alone

old houses

House in Savanna

House in Savanna

Statue of Sgt Jasper

plaque for statue of Sgt Jasper

tree lined lane in Savanna

The old Pirates house

going down to the water level

a water taxi

A look down River street

A look up the Savanna river

We drove the 139 miles from Pointes West and Augusta to Yemassee, South Carolina and the Oaks at Point South campground. The area is near iconic oldtown Beaufort, SC on the coast AND it's located midway between Charleston and Savanna. We like the area for it's mild weather and interesting history. Right next door to our campground is the Frampton Plantation which played a part in housing both north and southern troops during the civil war.

One day, us and the VanEmmeriks went to Beaufort for alittle touring. We walked around town some, found a couple GeoCaches, went to lunch. During lunch, Dave was looking at Trip Advisor and found out there was a neat factory nearby. With everyone in agreement, after lunch we went to find the Kazoo factory. It was a fun stop, which made us feel like children again. All of us had Kazoos when we were children. Did you know, Kazoo was invented in Georgia about 1840 and is a musical instrument NOT a toy. There are several additional items that can be added to the basic kazoo to make it louder, more sonic, sound like several instruments.

Another day we drove over to Savanna. We jumped on the Old Town Trolley for their 15 stop jaunt around town. These Orange and Green trolleys are the jump off/jump on type. We did just that, when we jumped off near Mrs. Wilkes for lunch and then walked around. Later we got back on and finished the tour.

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