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It all began innocently enough.

We were up in plenty of time for a shower before we shared our usual morning coffee.

Then we got busy and finished our pre-departure chores.

We were right on time to depart as planned at 8:30 AM.

Everything went smoothly and we approached the town of Alice, Texas.

Normally we would go around on the bypass but Bob was meeting a guy who wanted to buy the cover for his motorcycle.

Since no one knew of a good place to meet, they selected a Walmart. Everyone can find a Walmart! Right?

I told Bob I would just follow him to the Walmart, which was their agreed on meeting place.

Little did we know that it was on the far east side of town and we were on the west side.

Let’s just say that the transaction went well and we soon headed out, now going back to the west side of town.

As we crept along from stoplight to stoplight, my fiendish GPS suddenly directed me to turn right.

Like a fool I followed those directions, trying to turn into two lanes of oncoming traffic, while avoiding a cluster of metal signs which were trying to reach out and grab my RV.

I faked them out by climbing a curb and went over one block, then turned left and drove block by block, from stoplight to stoplight, each one turning red just before I got there, as we drove parallel to our original route.

I could swear I heard my GPS smirk.

Bob was behind me until the time I made that foolish turn.

He is younger than me and possesses both a mind and a GPS which actually work as they should, at least most of the time.

Bob chose a different route and reached the main highway about a quarter mile ahead of me.

He slowed to allow me to get in front and we were soon in the lead again, as the two nearly identical RV’s sailed smoothly along. The ladies spent their time admiring the profusion of colorful wildflowers along both sides of the highway.

Then “Bam!”

It sounded like a gunshot and I knew immediately that we had blown a tire on the RV.

Now these are almost new tires. Michelen’s! They were properly inflated and monitored by my Pressure Pro system.

I pulled off and stopped immediately and Bob was right behind me.

He set up the reflectors and a bright orange traffic cone and then we changed the tire.

Of course that meant removing both bicycles from the bike rack on the rear of the RV, and removing one of the two screws holding the license plate, to access the crank to lower the spare tire.

We could find no fault with the bad tire, no marks or anything, other than a small hole where it blew!

It was about 50 minutes from “Bam” to “On the Road Again”.

Things went fairly smooth for awhile and then we were nearly at our destination.

At this point our GPS’s disagreed with each other causing Bob to turn in one direction while we went another.

Both of us went the wrong way! Can you believe that!

This time I know I heard my GPS smirk right out loud!

By the time we made a little scenic tour of a small Texas town called Von Ormy, doubled back twice and finally arrived at our chosen RV park, Bob & Janet were already there.

Before long both of us were parked and set up.

Then Bob discovered that he had no electric power.

I don’t know how my GPS managed that but I’m sure it played a part somewhere.

After checking circuit breakers and making sure the power was available, Bob found the plug where the power cord connects inside the RV, had shaken loose and wasn’t making contact.

We had experienced enough frustration for one day so I set up some lawn chairs, grabbed a couple of ice cold beers, and called the others to come on out!

There was a bit more fun as Marilyn used some panty hose to store the 1015 onions we had purchased.

She put an onion down the leg of the hose, then tied a knot, added another onion, tied the knot, etc, etc.

The funny part was when she picked up the long chain of onions and the panty hose stretched out so that the bottom onion remained on the ground, no matter how high Marilyn lifted the top onion.

The laughs she provided us were much needed and helped to make the day end the way it should.

With those words you are used to hearing from me.

Life is Good!

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