We are happy to say we grabbed a few more caches today...:-)


Some of the caches took us for beautiful drives...

Others were not so pretty...:-)

We loved the one at this church..

It had a perfect place for our picnic too...

Loved this house with the decorations still up..

Ollie waiting while we went for a geocache..

Last one, we will be on the road in the morning..

Today we went for a drive and looked for more geocaches. We enjoyed the county roads in the area and still saw a few houses decorated for Christmas. One of the geocaches took us to a cemetery, it was kind of creepy, we found the caches pretty fast, but we won’t be doing anymore of those. I prefer caches that take you to beautiful places like the bridge last time.

Another one of the geocaches took us to a pretty church in the country, it had a nice picnic area so we decided to have our picnic there. It was the perfect place for bird watching too. We had a wonderful day. This will be our last update from Tennessee, we will be heading toward home in the morning Check back later for more from our next stop on South Carolina.

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