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Daisy in the Snow

Sweet Pea and Daisy in the Snow

Val White's Motorhome in the Snow

Makail Davenport Taking "Mom" (Val White) to Breakfast

Pecan Grove RV Park - View South toward Barton Springs Road

The last few days our weather has been as cold as in some of the northern states. Brrrr!! I'm just glad we don't have quite so much snow and ice. Last night it snowed in Austin. There was about a half inch, I guess, in my neighborhood.

When I went out to get my newspaper this morning, it was missing. About that time, I saw Mikail Davenport drive up to Val White's site. He was taking "Mom" to breakfast!

Partly because of the extremely cold weather, we had rolling blackouts Tuesday night and most of Wednesday. Last night the electricity was off again but I don't know for how long. That interfered with my electric heaters and electric blanket. My propane-fired furnace has been running a lot! I have a 40-pound external propane tank which I recently bought from a man who delivers propane to the RV park on a cylinder-exchange basis. He offers same-day service if customers call early in the morning before he leaves on his route. I also have a 20-pound cylinder which I can take to a propane dealer, if need be. I think I have all my bases covered on the heating front.

Water is another story. I've had my faucet turned off since Tuesday evening and have been using water from my fresh-water tank. As soon as my water hose thaws out (probably Saturday), I'm going to fill the tank completely full so I'll be better prepared for the next front expected next week. If worst comes to worst, I will take my five-gallon water container somewhere to fill it.

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