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choo choo!!!

One of the many water re-filling stops along the way

Train engineer re-fills water for the steam engine

Please keep all limbs and head inside at all times


Inside our palace

Outside our palace

View from our palace

Caught a steam train from Mettupalayam to Ooty. The track was narrow gauge and had an extra rail down the middle with grooves in it (much like that of the initial hill of a rollercoaster). The engine was at the back, pushing the cars up. We stop frequently to refill on water. Along the way up through the mountains, we crossed a few bridges, saw waterfalls, and tea plantations. We chugged our way up slowly, taking about 6.5 hrs to get to Ooty. It was cool and refreshing up top and we actually had to put on our fleeces!!! Considering it was 34-36 degrees the day before in Coimbatore, it was really a welcome change.

In Ooty, we found a really neat place to stay. There was a villa set a little ways out of the main part of town on several hectares of land. On the land was a palace that used to be the summer palace of the maharajas from Mysore. It had tea plantations and an 18 hole golf course too!!

The rooms had very high ceilings, were large enough to have a separate dining and living area with couches and armchairs, and a wood burning fireplace. We decided to splurge.

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