Entrance to Pointes West Army Resort

Our site "I" at Pointes West

The fishing is mostly good here, so if you're military . ....

Arrive during the week, you'll have your choice of sites.

David and Sarah arrive for the retirement ceremony

The ceremony program

music to sooth the audience

David gets his retirement letter and other papers

Even Sarah get her spousal appreciation letter

We go to a Birthday dinner for Rebecca, her fave local restaurant

Ah, the food was great!

Rebeccas birthday cake, 1 day later, we were too full after dinner...

We both have our own pistols

Rebecca takes accurate aim at a paper target

Dave take a turn with the rifle, Rebecca had her turn also.

We departed TT Oaks Point South at Yemassee to once again head to Augusta, GA and the Pointes West Army Resort, now for the third time in so many months! But, we have been hanging around the area for several resons, all of which, we have tried to document here.

We have our favorite spot here at Pointes West , but this time we thought we'd step out on to unsure ground and get another spot! Our previous spot "P" was nice roomy with great views, there aren't but 3 or 4 spots with no view of the water directly behind, but.... We are creatures of some habits. So this time we have spot "I" and it is working out very nicely, with great view of the water, terraced grass area, big yard and good breezes to cool things off.

This stop also has a purpose, as did previous stops. Actually, a couple of purposes, Rebeccas birthday and our eldest son, David retires from the U.S. Army and of course we want to be at the ceremony. He'll be on "terminal" leave for several months yet, while he settles into a great civilian DoD contract position. someone once said, "You know you're

old when your children retire", well I'm here to tell you, We are reflecting on that tonight.

The ceremony was short and sweet, there were 18 retirees. Along with their spouses each one came on stage to receive their Retirement certificate, Spouse certificate of appreciation and a retirement flag. A small army band played old favorites type music before and after the ceremony. Overall, the whole event was nice, respectful, formal and

orderly as you'd expect the Army to have it so.

So, to sum it up, in the last month David has married the love of his life, secured a terrific second career, retired from the Army after a 26 year call to service. It's been a "heck of a month".

One day the four of us went to an indoor shooting range. We took our "pieces" and ammo for several hours of "paper punchin". Rebecca gained all of her previously held confidence back and really put up some great target shootin !

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