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We knew that today would be a tough travel day. Nearly eight hours on the road with only one stop, plus we had to drive through the heart of Houston, Texas.

We didn’t have a great night of sleep as the temperature outdoors remained in the 70’s all night, with relatively high humidity.

I finally got out of bed around midnight and turned the A/C on and that helped a lot.

Still we were up at 4:00 AM to share our morning coffee.

I wondered if Bob & Janet were awake yet so I opened the door and went out at 5:30. I saw Bob rolling up their water hose.

We knew they were excited about getting to the valley but we had been told that Janet liked to sleep in. LOL

Marilyn & I got busy and were soon ready to go, just as Bob & Janet were, by 6:15.

The result was that both of us were on I-10 headed west toward Houston, by 6:20 this morning.

We rolled through Houston with light traffic and made it to our planned fuel stop by 9:45.

We filled the trucks with fuel and purchased some fuel for our own tummies at the McDonalds inside the station.

It was just a few minutes before 2:00 PM when we pulled into Llano Grande RV Resort in the 91 degree weather.

Dale & Linda stopped by to give us a hug! It is so nice to be welcomed by people who are happy that you are here!

It was good to see these fine friends!

Low humidity and a brisk breeze made it feel more comfortable than the temperature would lead you to think, and we were soon checked in, parked, all set up, and headed to the nearby “Olive Garden” for a late lunch/early dinner.

We then drove next door to the Walmart to pick up some grocery supplies.

The Walmart was absolutely jam packed! The check out lines were long and that is an understatement.

A guy standing in line right behind us, with a cart full of groceries including ice cream, got on his cell phone, called his wife and asked “Do you really have to have any of this stuff today?”

She must have answered “No” because he just left the overflowing cart and walked out of the store.

Bob found the store manager to tell him about a cart filled with groceries including ice cream, that was left standing.

The manager informed Bob that the stuff would just have to go bad because they were too busy to take care of it.

Give me a break! If that happens very often, they could hire a couple more people, open more check out lines, and save money!

If I ran that store, there would be some changes made for sure!

In any case, it was so nice to be back at the resort by 5:30 and to know that we could sleep as late as we wish tomorrow, with no demanding agenda.

We are here, and have a winter of enjoyment ahead of us.

Oh yes, there is no doubt about it. Life is Good!

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