When we got back to Jacksonville we picked up the boys ..

We did a lot of geocaching at the beach...

Walking one of the wooded trails..

Brandon found the first one..:-)


The park is right on the beach, one of our favorites..

Signing more geocaches..:-)

Fun playing on the dunes...

Last one!

We left Orangeburg this morning and drove back to Jacksonville. We picked up three of our grandsons, Jared, Brandon and Cameron and headed over to Little Talbot Island. The park is right on the beach, it is one of our favorites camping areas near Jacksonville.

We missed the boys after they left Sevierville. We wish we could pick Sammy up too, but he is in Kentucky and it’s way too far.

We had a ball geocaching with them and just relaxing on the beach. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story. We all had a great time at the beach, check back later for more.

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