2009 Spring 2 Fall travel blog

our wet and funky campground at Whitney

Whitney Lake seen from the dam

the picture doesn't show it but this is a very high dam

heading south

into the 'hill country'

the town of Meridian

this has to be their courthouse


dirty windshield - my bad!

good grazing land


the hills are actually getting steep



even with the reflections and the dirty windshield this is a good...

it's warmer here and the wildflowers are still blooming


Lampasas International Airport

my friend Jennifer

with the flash working

the waiter was not too steady when he took these - but...

Ken, Jennifer, Madolyn and me

A good visit with another long time friend - Wednesday, October 14

We checked out of our soggy campground at Whitney and headed south again. Today our destination is Lampasas, a town that is ‘Deep in the Heart of Texas’. Lampasas sits on Highway 281, a north/south highway that pretty much bisects this big state from Wichita Falls all the way down to Brownsville. It’s a good road that bypasses Waco and cuts through the beautiful Texas ‘hill country’.

This is the land of the Chisholm Trail and the great 19th century cattle drives. Range country that fed and nourished the more than six million longhorned cattle that made the hike from south Texas to Kansas in the 22 years between 1867 and 1889. It is estimated that In 1871 alone 700,000 cattle reached the Kansas railheads of Ellsworth, Abilene, Dodge and Kansas Cities.

Our reason for going to Lampasas is not to follow the Chisholm Trail, however, but to see my long time friend Jennifer Scribner, who has lived in Lampasas since retiring from PG&E eleven years ago. She’s a tough and good hearted woman, and a good friend. (You have to be tough to be a Democrat in this country!)

We arrived in Lampasas before noon and Madolyn found a great campground a mile from Jennifer’s home. Checking in we found that the campground hosts knew Jennifer and her parents, and we had lunch at the Sweet Pickle Deli across the street and later learned that the nice women who run that are good friends of Jennifer’s son Ken, who lives three houses down the street from his mom. If you're ever in Lampasas this is the place to eat! Their potato salad alone is worth driving a hundred miles out of your way!

We found her house on a nice shaded street and just as we were arriving her son Ken came over too. I hadn’t seen Ken in some 25 years, so it was a really great reunion. We had planned to take Jennifer to dinner and Ken was good enough to join us. We decided on a place they like in Marble Falls and took the 40 mile drive down in our RV. The restaurant is located high on the bank of a river that has been dammed up into a nice lake, and we sat on the deck overlooking the water and had a great dinner. A water skier entertained us doing flips as he skied up and down the river, and we enjoyed both the food and the conversation a lot.

Back in Lampasas we said our ‘goodbyes’ and went back to the campground to get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow it is on to Austin, the State Capital, and then to San Antonio before heading for the Gulf Coast. We still have a ways to go, and the year is winding down quicker than we would like!

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