Jerry's Cake

Jerry's United Parcel Retirement Party

Jerry's Family Retirement Party

Great Steaks & Fun

One Last Game Of Football

Jerry & Kim Our Chefs

Cameron In Grandpa's Hat

Betty, Gene & Kim Relaxing After Dinner

Kisses Goodbye Left to right, Cameron, Brandon & Jared

Jared as monster & Brandon

Geocaching at Hanna

Monster Jared & Brandon

Jared & Me Geocaching

Cameron Putting Back The Cache

Fire At Hanna Park

Tons Of Shells Ft. Clinch

Birds Ft. Clinch

Campsite Ft. Clinch

Geocaching Ft. Clinch Area

Jerry Visits Us Ft. Clinch

Jerry Fishing Ft. Clinch

Anniversary Dinner Fernandina

Gloria At Carolyn's Fernandina

Carolyn's Fernandina

Jerry At Carolyn's

Looking From Window At Carolyn's

Relaxing At Ft. Clinch

Retired Bike Rider

Geocaching At Beach

Valentine's Day

Our campsite Henderson Beach

Our Backyard

Jerry Henderson Beach

Sign On Way To Beach

Walk To The Beach

Beach Scene

Share The Shore Sign

Gloria Henderson Beach

Beautiful Sugar Sand Beach

Jerry's Shell Nose

Hotels Right Of Henderson Beach

It's official...Jerry has retired! His last day was January 18th, 2008. He had two wonderful retirement parties, one at UPS, and one with Kim & Jerry.

I am starting this journal today and have a lot to catch up on. We took the boys to Hanna Park for a few days to spend some special time with them before leaving. We played a lot of games and did some geocaching too. The boys even made a monster video with Jared playing the part of the monster. :-) We had a great three days with them.

Next, we were off to Ft. Clinch for eleven days, February 4th through the 15th. We needed time to spend organizing the motorhome. Fort Clinch was the perfect place, being so close to home. If we forgot anything, we could be home in one hour to get it. We had a great time walking down the beach and Jerry also did some fishing, but no luck.

We have so much stuff to cover in the first journal, I am going to add a ton of pictures to cover it. The month of February is huge for us. February 6th was our 43rd Anniversary. We celebrated in Fernandina, at a restaurant called Carolyn's. Valentine's Day and Jerry's birthday are also in February, so I am adding more pictures for that. I promise the next update will not be so packed to read. :-) We spent Jerry's birthday on the 16th at Kim and Jerry's. They had a wonderful retirement/birthday party for him and he enjoyed it much.

We left February 17th on our way to Destin FL, we stopped off for an overnight rest at Eastbank Campground on Lake Seminole. We are now at Henderson Beach State Park in Destin, FL. It is a beautiful park with a gorgeous beach and we are enjoying it much.

That's all for now, I hope to keep this journal updated weekly. Please be sure to click on the request email updates at the top right to get a note when I update. More later from Florida.

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