Geocaching Bird Island

Checking It Out

Signed & Ready To Put Back

Turpentine Still Sign

The Still

Next Geocache Pine Flatwoods Trail

The Find

Ripley's Believe It Or Not

Another View

Captain Anderson Shell Island Tour

The Marina

Dolphins On The Way To Island

Shell Island

Our Boat

Beautiful Beach

Jelly Fish Everywhere

Feeding The Birds

More Dolphins

Last One

We had a wonderful day today geocaching all around the park and then we drove to Panama City Beach to take a cruise to Shell Island. We were thinking of renting a pontoon boat to go to the island but we heard about Captain Anderson's 3 hour tour and decided to do this one instead. We also got a good deal for only $26 with a coupon we found.

We did a couple of geocaches right at the Park and then headed over to the Marina for the last one. Notice the most unusual Ripley's we passed on the way. We wanted to find two caches on Shell Island but they were miles from where the boat took us so that will have to wait for our next visit here.

We also took a tour of an old Turpentine Still in the park. By the time we got home today we were exhausted after geocaching all morning, then taking the cruise and walking around exploring the island, we had a full day.

Tomorrow is moving day, we are moving to Topsail State Park for the next twelve days. We are excited because it has full hook ups plus cable TV. We can't get all the local channels in with our Satellite so full cable will be a nice change. It is time to relax and catch up on American Idol and the Apprentice. :-) More later from Florida.

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