Deer Watching Me

Our Lagoon Site #18

Looking Through Our Windshield "Our front yard" :-)

Shell Island To Your Right

Gulf Side Of Park

Gator Lake

The One Gator We Saw I Know There Were More

Jerry With Gator In Background

Lagoon Fishing Pier

Boats Ready For Rent

Birds Waiting For Fish At Cleaning Station

Our Campsite Looking From Pier It's The Last One On Right

Jerry Hoping For The Big One

More Birds

Okay, Where's My Fish :-)

More Fishing In Our Front Yard Notice Sammy On Coffee Cup :-)

Close Up Of Sammy I LOVE This Cup! Thanks Sammy

We arrived at Saint Andrews State Park on the 25th and plan to be here for about a week. Jerry pulled into the huge parking lot and got out to register and the first thing I saw was a beautiful deer right outside my window looking at me. I grabbed the camera and got one good shot before he/she took off. I wish I could have gotten more.

We are located on the Lagoon side of the park and our site is fantastic. It was suppose to be a back in site but Jerry had a great idea. He decided to pull straight in so we would be facing the water. The only problem was getting the hook ups to reach and thank goodness they did. The views through our windshield are fantastic. I have seen Wood Ducks for the first time in the wild and tons of other birds I am looking up in the bird books. This is a bird lover's paradise and Jerry can sit and fish 10 feet from the motorhome.

We drove around the park and checked out all the places we want to visit during the week. There is an island about 10 minutes away from the park by boat that is one of the barrier islands named Shell Island. We are thinking of renting a pontoon boat and visiting if the weather gets better this week. We have had strong winds and hoping it will be better tomorrow. We also walked on a nature trail to Gator Lake. We did see one gator about 10 feet or more. We were very happy we were on a walkway high above the water. :-)

Jerry is in hog heaven with the fishing here too. There is a pier on the gulf side of the park plus another one walking distance from our campsite on the lagoon side. He did get one bite but no bragging rights yet. The birds are all waiting at the cleaning stations around the piers waiting for hand outs. They don't even move when you walk near them. So cool, I got a ton of close up pictures I am posting so you can see. Okay, that's it for today; we are off to Walmart for groceries.

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