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Beautiful floral decorations over the road from Paifang Square.

Beautiful floral decorations over the road from Paifang Square.

Well, today is a day I have been looking forward to. Melrose has arrived back from her holiday, and we are going to catch up in the afternoon.

I got a bus into town, and as I was heading for the underpass to get over the road, I saw a lovely new display of flowers over the road from Paifang. Not sure what is the significance of this display, but they are beautiful.

As I took photos, I had a young woman come up and speak to me. She spoke reasonable English and told me her English name is Shannon, and she loves making chocolates. Not sure if she is a student, or if she has a job, but of course, we linked up on wechat!!

When I got to Starbucks, Melrose was waiting for me. She has had a good holiday, but I think she is glad to be back again. I have missed her while she has been away, and she will miss me when I leave!

We were rather naughty, by going in to KFC to buy our coffee, and then taking it to Starbucks' outdoor area to sit, drink coffee, and catch up on all the news.

We'd been sitting for ages when a guy I have not seen for years walked past. He is Brian and he comes from the UK, works at Canadian American School, and is married to a local girl. He sat with us, as he needed some time out it seems. His wife is fighting cancer, and is currently in hospital in Guangzhou. Obviously she is fighting the battle of her life, but Brian is also struggling terribly.

It was good to be able to sit and chat, and give him some much needed respite from his troubles even if it was only for a while. Although in fact, it ended up being a couple of hours!!

By the time we got around to eating, Melrose and I just went into KFC, where I had their panini roll, which has become a favourite of mine. The roll has ham, cheese, tomato and scrambled egg. Very tasty, but light and simple.

By the time I headed for home, I felt that Melrose and I had re-hashed our times away, and I felt ready for the next challenges!

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