Hundy Tour 2016-2017 travel blog

Went on a rowing boat to a fishing village which was great. Luckily a young American lady on our boat was fluent in Vietnamese as her parents were boat people who ended up in New York! She was able to ask the rowing lady lots of questions.

Left boat around 11am Bus with mad driergot us back for around 4.05pm.

Checked in to La Suite. Pokey room for £56 a night... just because it has a (tiny) balcony.

Walked around busy streets. Lots of poor vendors again.

Gave 10,000d to a girl pushing a very frail, possibly blind man in a wheelchair who tried to give me a small pack of cotton buds in exchange. Also gave her 3 sweets I picked up at hotel reception, she pure one straight in her mouth.

Had a personal barbecue ( not what we ordered but gòod fun, with a beer & rice was 440,000d!


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