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Beautiful sunrise reflecting on the Sierras

The zigzag is the road to Horseshoe Meadow

After the sun was up the view was still spectacular!

On the road up to Horseshoe Meadow



Horseshoe Meadow

The twist in the trunk of this tree was interesting

Heading back to the valley - view of the Owens Dry Lake

A view of the Alabama Hills from up on the mountain

Looking north along the Sierras up the Owens Valley

In the Alabama Hills




The Alabama Hills Arch - looking thru the arch toward Mt Whitney

Brother-in-law Larry - our tour guide

David & Callie enjoying the hike

Wish we'd realized we could boondock in the Alabama Hills before we...

Alyce, David's sister, spoiling Callie on the ride

Today Larry & Alyce picked us up to take us to see the Alabama Hills. When David asked Larry where the switchback road on the mountain across from us went, they took us up the road to Horseshoe Meadow. Wow - what a road & magnificent views! We had a short hike from where we parked out to Horseshoe Meadow. It's so great to be in the mountains again!

When we came down from Horseshoe Meadow we took the tour of the Alabama Hills we had started out to do. Lots of movies have been made in the Alabama Hills. Roy Rogers first starring feature, Under Western Stars, was filmed along Movie Road. Movie Flat was the location for Western movies with stars including John Wayne, Tom Mix, Gene Autry, Hopalong Cassidy & others. It's still used for commercials & films. We took a short hike out to the Arch. Unfortunately, it was the wrong time of day to get a good shot of Mt Whitney behind the arch - maybe later.

After a busy afternoon of sightseeing with Alyce & Larry, they brought us home & stayed for dinner & more visiting. It was a great day!

More later...

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