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yumm yummm. it's alive (just kidding)

Bangkok is a very modern city (and by the way, every city...

Grand Palace complex

inside grand palace

more of the same

and more the same

isn't this cute?

a mural from the palace

and another building in the complex

giant reclining Buddha

the street where we stayed

dance show

fight show

totally randomly we met a friend from the Galapagos trip walking around...






this has the distinction of being the largest teak structure on earth

nice hat

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I know it is on its side

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OMG! India was good fun, but the difference between there and Thailand is night and day. Thailand is a lot easier destination; neat, efficient, etc. As much as we enjoyed India, but Thailand was a welcomed change.

First impression is that Bangkok is a very modern city dotted with amazing looking temples. We opted not to stay on the main backpacker street, although the next alternative turned out to be almost the same in regards that it is all about backpackers' hotels and restaurants. Throw in a few book exchanges and Thai massage places and you get the picture. However it was less noisy and hectic than the main tourist street.

Our first walk in the city brought an unexpected surprise. We bumped into Janice, one of the nice Australian couple whom we spent 8 days together six month earlier on our Galapagos cruise. She was going back to their hotel after visiting a museum, while Josh was nursig some last minute health issue back in the room. Sadly we didn't get to see him, since they were leaving for home in a few hours, the end of an 8 month or so long trip.

Fun sight on a large square the millions of kites that people fly over the weekend. Next to it is a very noteworthy sight is the king's palace complex. See the pictures- the complex is out of this world. Not too far is a shrine with the world's largest reclining Buddha statue. apparently reclinning is the immediate prelude to being enlightened, so it is a beloved way to show Buddha. We also visited another building where the royal family used to spend time, which incidentally is the largest teak wood mantion in the world. Beside of the size it is also very pretty, and there are daily dance/fight shows included in the admission fee.

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