Horse Stables For Trail Rides

The Camp Store

Marina With Boat Rentals

Beautiful 74 Acre Lake

Lots Of Picnic Areas

Visit Alabama Wildlife Rescue

Fantastic Views Of Wild Birds At The Feeders

American Kestrel In Hospital

Mississippi Kite

Kite With Wings Spread For Sun

Ollie Enjoying Our Picnic

Nature Trail To Falls

More Of The Trail

A Nice Trail But Lots Of Climbing

Beautiful Lake Near Cabin Rentals

Ducks On Lake

Cabin For Rent

Entrance To Camping Area Decorated For Easter

One Of The Lake Sites

Our Site A-11 From Left Side

Our Site From Right Side

Birds Up Close At My Window Feeder

Tent Campers Across From Us

We had a great time at Oak Mountain State Park. This is a fantastic nature park with 10,000 acres. It is Alabama's largest State Park and has a ton of things to do including a stable for horseback riding, nature trails, a marina with pedal boats for rent, 18 holes of golf, tennis and more. It has cabins for rent in a beautiful area on the lake, perfect for families. It also has a 74 acre lake with a sandy beach and swimming with two 85 acre lakes for fishing.

We enjoyed visiting the Alabama Wildlife Rescue in the park. It has a viewing area where you sit and watch wild birds at the feeders through a huge glass window. There were so many birds I thought it was a huge wired aviary but they were all wild. I came back and put out my bird feeders and I have been amazed at the birds at my feeders. This is bird lover's heaven. :-) The Wildlife Rescue takes care of all local birds and animals that have been wounded. Once they are well they release them back into the wild. See picture of a Mississippi Kite being taken out for sun. This nice lady was gracious enough to allow me to take close up pictures. They also had a beaver in the hospital but he was hidden under brush and would not let us get a picture. We did get a good picture of an American Kestrel being cared for. This was an awesome experience and it was all free. Don't miss this if you are in the area.

We also enjoyed a nature trail called Peavine Falls. It was easy going downhill but a tough climb on the way back. :-) It was only 8/10 of a mile but felt like 8 miles. Be prepared if you decide to walk the trails or ride any of the many bike trails. It is very hilly here and I saw a lot of bikers having a tough time with the hills.

I have added a few more pictures to show more views of our campsite. We have had several requests for more information about the sites, hook up etc. so we will try to add more info for each place we visit. This one has full hook ups with sewer and 30 amps electric. We have found that 30 amps works fine if we use only one of our air conditioners at a time. Our satellite did not work here because there are so many trees blocking it but we were able to get the local channels. The cell phone service at the site keeps going to roaming so we have to go to town to make calls. :-) The internet connection has worked great at times and then goes to roaming or disconnects so don't expect great communications here. This is not a resort but a back to nature park, we had a fire every night and just enjoyed where we are.

The cost per night is $17 with Alabama's 15% off senior discount. I am thinking on a rating system for the places we visit but it's so relative to what each person wants in a campsite it's hard to make a call. I rated our site at Topsail a 10 PLUS because it had all the bells and whistles plus nature trails, 50 amp hook up with sewer and level concrete pads to park easy. So I am rating this one 8 because of the things it does not have but in my heart it's still a 10. See what I mean? I will have to give this rating thing much more thought. :-)

Tomorrow is moving day. We are heading toward Kentucky to visit Vickie, Ed and Sammy. We will most likely boondock at rest areas on the way. We will be staying at Little Farm on the River in Indiana, about 25 miles from Vickie's. We are looking forward to spending Easter with them and visiting their church and having time with our youngest grandson. Sammy, I included a picture of the entrance here just for you. It is all decorated and has a bunny. :-) More later from Indiana.

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