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Larry, Linda, Martha, Dan, Margaret, Randy, Trish & Donnie

Martha, Dan, Margaret, Randy, Trish, Glenda & Donnie

Trish, Donnie, Wes, Larry & Linda

Today has been exceptionally nice, with temperatures in the mid-70s. In fact, it has been like this for several days.

The other night, when the temperature dropped into the 20s, I discovered around midnight that my furnace wouldn't light. Aarrgghh! I did some troubleshooting to make sure that my newly-delivered propane tank had been turned on. It was on but propane wasn't flowing, so I turned it off and turned on my on-board tank. The furnace worked fine. Phew! I e-mailed the distributor about the problem and all my troubleshooting steps and asked that he deliver another tank.

Today the propane distributor came to check the tank. It turns out that there wasn't anything wrong with it. He said that he probably had just turned it on too quickly after connecting it. Then, when I turned it off and back on during my troubleshooting, I hadn't allowed enough time either. He said that about 1 in 100 tanks will do this. Always something new to learn!

Tonight I was with my church community group at Wes and Donnie's house for pizza and chocolate goodies, including chocolate-covered strawberries. Mmmm!

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