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Lammie with Kavita's Uncle, Aunt, and cousin


We made our way to Muvuttapurzha (sounds like Mwotapura), where we met Kavita's uncle. He wisked us by auto-rickshaw back to his home on an acreage in a nearby town called Arakuzha. Throughout the day, a number of Kavita's aunties, uncles and cousins stopped by to say hello. It was great! We got a tour of their acreage and saw jackfruit trees, rubber trees, palm trees, nutmeg, orchids, and pineapples.

In the late afternoon, a man came by to tap one of the palm trees for toddy (a potent local drink ranging in alcoholic strength from sweet-weak to sour-strong). We were told that the evening toddy (toddy collected at night), was stronger. It definately tasted strong and was a bit sour. Nevertheless, it was quite refreshing!

After a great dinner of beef curry, fish, and mashed jackfruit, we watched a Malayalam movie.

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