Our sad to see it like this. :-)

He was parking in the site right in front of us..

His toy hauler only got a little scratch..

Last one!

We had a knock on our door very late last night, it was about 11:00 PM. A new neighbor had moved in and took the RV spot right in front of us, he was pulling a toy hauler. When he turned into his pull-through site the back of his toy hauler hit our car. Yikes! It did a lot of damage to the side of our car.

He had already called his insurance company when he knocked and had a claim number from Progressive for us. They are going to pay for all the damage. We ended up staying another day in Vegas to talk to the Progressive Insurance and make sure everything was okay for us to leave the next morning. We plan to have it fixed when we stop in Oregon in the same place for a month. So sad to see our car all smashed up. It could have been worse, Jerry decided to park the car there last night, if he hadn’t, he might have hit the front of our RV instead. That would have been much worse than the side of the car. :-)

The man who hit us is a good man, he was honest enough to wake us up and let us know, we would never have known who did it if he hadn’t. It barely made a mark on his bumper. We will be moving on in the morning as planned, only one day later on our schedule. Check back later for more from California and Oregon.

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