We love seeing all the beautiful Amish homes in the area..

Our first geocache was pretty easy to spot...

This one was pretty wet, we cleaned it up and put it...

It was hidden under this tree and the container top was loose..

It was a beautiful drive, we love seeing this incredible Amish area..

Today we went for a scenic drive in the country and found a couple of geocaches. One of the caches was really wet on the outside, but the plastic bag protected the paper and pencil and goodies inside. We signed the cache and dried it off a bit and put it back where it was.

This is such a beautiful area for geocaching. We passed so many big red Amish barns and Amish homes in the area. It was a beautiful day, we also had a nice picnic in the country. We are making the best of our wait in the parking lot in Decatur. :-)

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