Doc's Country Store

Most Unusual Store

They Even Had A Redneck Bird Feeder

Amish Butter Plus Tons Of Canned Goods Made By The Amish

Boothe Farms Family Museum

It Was Awesome & Free Too

Jerry Enjoying The Porch Chair

Cotten Fields On The Way To Pelham, Alabama

Gorgeous Flowering Bradford Pear Tree

Our Site Oak Mountain State Park

We are all set up at Oak Mountain State Park in Pelham, Alabama. We left Santa Rosa Beach around 10:30 and got here around 3:30. We did make a few stops along the way. One was a very unique country store called Doc's. It also had a fantastic museum called "Boothe Farms Family Museum". They had the old cabin with all the old furniture, quilts, sewing machines, tools etc. It was a cool place to visit. They sold cheese, butter and tons of food items from the Amish community. If you are ever in the area do not miss this one.

The pear trees are blooming all over and they are beautiful. I took a lot of pictures of the trees but will only post one now. We also passed a lot of cotton fields growing all over Alabama. Our campsite is fantastic; it's quite hilly almost like the Smoky Mountains. Our site has a huge vacant wooded area that is like a valley between us and the other campers. I have the bird feeders up and have already had a ton of visitors. This park has a lot of things to do. They have golf, horseback riding, a wildlife area, lots of lakes with boat rentals and much more. We have a lot of exploring to do.

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