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Devils Tower

This is another place my sister visited earlier this summer. It is also one of the places we visited as a family 55 years ago, so fun to see again. There are 3 main theories about how this was formed, the most recent being that it is an igneous intrusion. Don and I both think this is the most logical explanation. The tower rises 867 feet from its base and stands 1267 feet above sea level. The area at its top is 1.5 acres. The diameter of the base is 1000 feet. There is a 1.3 mile walking path around the base. Climbing the tower is sanctioned and records of Tower climbs have been kept since 1937. The first recorded climb was 7-4-1893 as part of a July 4th celebration. Some 5000 climbers come from all over the world with over 220 climbing routes having been used. We did see climbers on the tower during our walk. Looked pretty scary to me!

In 1906 President Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed Devils Tower the first national monument under the new Antiquities Act. His action made Wyoming the home of both our first national park-Yellowstone in 1872-and our first national monument.

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