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On travel days my husband needs to be on the road about an hour before he can eat. It always starts with "what'd you pack for breakfast." Like I have a Denny's breakfast buffet in the cooler. I peel him a hard boiled egg, he wants some crackers and peanut butter. Problem no plastic cutlery in the console. I spread the PB with a straw.

Now for the biggest problem of the day. There are watch for Elk signs everywhere Dick wants me to look for them. That's like asking Mr Magoo if he sees a flea in the back yard. The "where are the Elk ?" discussion continues for the next hundred miles. One of these signs was in area where the rock walls were 15 feet high on both sides of the highway. Dick thought maybe we should look up because maybe they would be jumping off the rock. If I knew who to call I would request they turn some loose. OH CRAP now he thinks he saw a road runner!

Along with the none animal sighting we read signs to check our brakes for a long decent. These descents are when I keep on head down and concentrate on a sudoku puzzle. You know the feeling you get when your on a roller coaster just before you go down the first drop. That's what I feel going down the mountains.

We managed to arrive at the Kingman KOA an hour early because did not realize that we were in yet another time zone. Now my mother will be calling at 4am. But our mail was here and Oktoberfest is this weekend. It'll be 90 tomorrow and they have the pool open. Oh happy day!

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