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Kathakali make-up session

Kathakali 1

climax of the play - Prince kills hell god's sister

Prince triumphs over evil

It rained all last night and we lost power about 3 or 4 times. We woke up this morning to the sound of heavy rain. Nigel went out to talk to the hotel manager and while they were talking, a chicken ran into the house for cover! It was the saddest looking chicken, completely drenched. The lady of the house put a plastic bag over its body as a makeshift raincoat and shooed it back outside.

The houseboat operators had asked if we still wanted to go, considering the rain had been coming down pretty hard and didn't show signs of letting up. We agreed the best thing to do was to pass on this houseboat trip and head north to Cochin.

We arrived in Cochin a few hours later and took a short ferry to Fort Cochin. It was the most touristy area in India that we had see thus far on our trip. There were touts/husslers everywhere and lots of Western tourists --the most we've seen yet!! Still the little town was quaint and we found ourselves staying at another guesthouse that is an old Portugese manor.

In the evening, we took in a traditional theatre show --the Kathakali Theatre. None of the players actually talk. Instead, they use extremely animated facial expressions and hand gestures. It started with a half hour of makeup, where you can watch them as they put it on. Then a demo of the different emotions that the players would show on their faces was done. It was so funny. The eye rolls reminded us of Huei.

The story line was the sister of the god of hell went to heaven to steal maidens for her brother. While she was up there, she fell in love with the prince. Though she tried her best to woo him, he fought her off. When he found out who she was, he cut off her breasts. Happy story, eh? But it was great --the facial expressions were priceless.

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