Crossing Mississippi River Into Iowa

Neat Farm House In Iowa

Getting The Ground Ready To Plant

Welcome Sign Amana Colonies

Huge Open Field Of Campsites

The Colony Inn Where We Had Awesome German Dinner

Inside Colony Inn Restaurant

Jerry's German Brats

Gloria's Chicken

Family Style Sides Dishes

Jerry Checking Out The Free Wood Iowa River In Background

Cheese & Jelly Store Amana

One Of The Many Village Stores

Jerry Loved This Old Toy Store

1936 Beautiful Red Tricycle

The Smokehouse

Awesome Quilts & More My Favorite Store

One Of Many Bed & Breakfast Inns

Old Post Office

One Of The Old Homes Grape Vines All Over

Our Unusual Movie Drive In Style Campsite :-)

Chipmunk Next To The Fire, Hard To Get A Pic They Move...

See The Chipmunk In The Grass?

A Little Better Shot :-)

We visited the Amana Colonies, a National Historic Landmark and one of America's longest lived communal societies that began in 1714 in Germany and continues today in the Iowa prairie. In 1855 they arrived in Iowa and set up six villages a mile or two apart across a river valley tract of 25,000 acres. Amana, East Amana, West Amana, South Amana, High Amana and Middle Amana. The village of Homestead was added later in 1861 making it seven villages. It is an awesome place to visit and we have enjoyed it much. See the pictures of all the places we visited.

The campground looks like one of the old drive in movies to me. It is just a huge field with almost no trees and nice pull through with full hookups. The cost for three days was only $58 using our Passport America discount. I don't think they have a bath house unless it's inside one of the huge building that seems to be closed. They have a huge wood pile for free fire wood which is nice but it's been too windy to set a fire. Jerry checked it out anyway and found a few nice pieces to put under our jacks at least.

We were exhausted when we got here so we went out to eat at an awesome German restaurant called the Colony Inn. They serve everything family style with bowls of food brought to the table with the entree. They had some of the best sauerkraut we have ever tasted. If you are ever in the area do not miss that restaurant. We have eaten in Germany and it was better than the food in the real country. :-) We have had the worse weather since we left Alabama. More rain than sunny days and wind that feels like it will blow the motorhome over. We had to bring our slide in today it was blowing so hard. It blew all the seeds out of my bird feeders. Unreal! We do at least have some of the cutest chipmunks coming out of holes all around us. They are fun to watch outside our window each morning.

We have not been able to open our new patio since we had it repaired. Now I understand why everyone wants to move to Florida. :-) We are leaving tomorrow to cross through Nebraska stopping maybe to boondock and rest and heading on to Wyoming. We will be doing a lot of traveling the next few days so I won't be updating the journal until we are settled in again hopefully in Wyoming.

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