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Today I was expecting to be picked up around 4pm, to go out to a village, for the wedding of one of Liao's nephews. Winnie decided to let Liao go in the morning, and spend the whole day, but that she would go later in the day, for the dinner. It is a very long day for Iona, and boring for her, so that was a good plan.

So, in the morning, I headed over to Melrose's house, to give her plants one last watering, and to give the floors a mop over, before she gets back to Zhaoqing.

I decided to go into Chain Mart on the way, because I needed muesli and some bananas. That was quite a mission. Firstly, I used my translate app, to ask where the oatmeal was, because this is where the muesli is usually stored. But no luck. So I tried with muesli, and I was directed to where the granny food is, the one that only needs milk adding, and is easy to chew and digest. Still no luck. So I was really trying to think how to ask, and I asked if they had an imported food section. I was sent in a completely different direction, and sure enough I found a range of muesli on offer!!

On to Melrose's place. It was a warm day, and I had a sweat up by the time I got there. But I got all the chores done, ready for her to come back, and was off again, heading back to the college.

When I got back, I was hot and bothered, and decided that I needed a bit of a rest, but got into the shower first, and laid out my clothes for later on, before laying down with a book, for a bit of a kip.

There were messages started flying from Winnie, and she told me that another of Liao's family would pick me up. So I headed out to the front gate, and got there just before Yan and her husband. Then we set off to pick up Winnie. I had presumed that she would be at her house, but we were driving around near the sport stadium, and I wondered if he did not know where her house was.

But eventually we found her, and at last off we went.

Yan told me that they had come all the way from Guangzhou, and by the time they got to the village for the lunch, there was no food left for them. They were not very impressed, and were hungry - and I imagine a little annoyed too!!

The delay finding Winnie was because when she finished her classes at lunch time, she went to her brother's house, to collect Iona who was with Winnie's Mum. But mother had gone out for a walk, with Iona, and neglected to take her phone with her. Winnie was stressed to the max by the time she found Mum and Iona. Poor girl, it was bad enough that Yan and her husband had missed lunch, but now she was holding them up again by not being able to find her daughter!!

We came up on traffic holdups on the bridge over to Gaoyao, but it did not take very long to clear. And then we had only just got on our way, when we had to stop again! Yan's little boy needed a pee, so having dealt with that, on we went again!!

It was a beautiful drive, through mountains, and small villages. But no stopping for photos. We were already running late!!

On the way, we saw a car on it's roof, off the road, and a couple of cars had pulled up to help out. I have to hope that everyone was all right, and no tragedy except for damage to the car.

When we arrived at the village, it was time to sit down for dinner. Food was already on the tables, and we were directed to where we would sit, so no time for photos, wandering around, or anything else.

So after such an involved matter of getting there, we basically had our dinner, and then left to go home!! Oh dear, somewhat a comedy of errors. But the meal was good.

And while I was eating a young Chinese woman with an 18month old daughter came up to me, said hello, and said that she understood I come from Australia, and then said that so does she. Firstly she said that she comes from Perth, then on further enquiry it turns out she lives in Rockingham. Of course, like I told her, that is only an hour or so from the kids in Bunbury!!

She is now a stay-at-home Mum, with her little one, but her husband has a car dealership in Zhaoqing!! I must have looked surprised, and she explained that he commutes Perth to Zhaoqing, whenever he needs to. Must be a little richer than some of my local friends, I think.

Before we left we exchanged wechat details, and made an agreement that we will catch up for coffee before I leave on Friday.

It was a quick drive back home, with Liao's friend driving us all. I was back here before 8pm, so it was an early night back home. I could not believe that with all the planning we had made, it turned into such a non-event!!

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