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Almost a full moon

This pretty little hawk was at our park in Visalia

A ranch along Hwy 41 between Visalia & Paso Robles

Driving thru the coastal mountain range

An olive grove at Olive U - an olive oil company

Lots of cattle ranches in this area

The James Dean Memorial along Hwy 46 at Shandon

So sad that people deface memorials

Vineyards & olive orchards - not a bad little home, too


We're in Paso Robles wine country now



The rains are turning the coastal range green again

First view of the Pacific Ocean at Shell Beach

Pismo Beach pier - high surf

Our home for the next 4-1/2 months - Nice!

The surf is crashing over the breakwater at the Port of San...

Wow - powerful!


Sea lions resting under the pier at the Port of San Luis

Some of the fishing fleet at the Port of San Luis

Callie has found a new playmate - our great niece Madeleine

Madeleine trying to avoid Callie "kisses"

We had a good trip from Visalia to Arroyo Grande. Then it decided to rain a little while we were setting up the trailer. We waited a day to move because the weather forecast heavy rain on Wed & just showers on Thurs - guess we set up during a shower! What a great place to spend the winter - we're basically in the country & it is sooo quiet. Nice change from the city we were in for the past month.

Good to be back with family! They had a great BBQ dinner for us Thurs evening & it was fun to be with everybody again.

Today Norma & Danny took us out to the Port of San Luis for lunch. We were so hungry for fish & chips - & the fish & chips at Fat Cats didn't disappoint. These storms have the surf really high so it was interesting to see it crashing against the breakwater out at the port.

We'll be here for the winter so our posts won't be as frequent as they've been while we've been traveling.

More later...

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