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Judi & old Bishop friend Linda

One last pic of Independence Monument as we leave Grand Junction

You can see how this section has fallen away from the mountain

Last view of the Colorado National Monument

Now we're in Utah - can you tell the difference? Ha!



Pronghorn antelope

Like the false front on a flat-roofed building

Very rugged mountains

Interesting tilt

Reminds me of New Mexico but we were in Utah

A monument in Utah


Ghost Rock



View from the rest stop where we had our lunch

Notch Mountain = really

They're everywhere! - Spring Valley, UT

A mining operation near Ely, NV

Home at the KOA in Ely, NV - for 1 nite

OK - we haven't gotten the 200 miles per day idea thru our heads. We drove 424 miles today. We were supposed to stop in Delta, UT, but it was only 2:30 & we didn't feel like stopping. Then we looked at the rv park at Border & decided to go on to Ely - & here we are. Our journal friend Lee Ann's mother lives here but we're not unhitching tonight so won't be looking her up.

So, we've turned a 3-day trip into a 2-day trip. We have about 320 miles on to Carson City & there's no stopping us now. Ha!

It was very interesting to see the scenery change across Utah & into Nevada. We thoroughly enjoyed the drive. The weather was perfect - blue skies, sunshine & very little wind.

More later from Carson City...

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