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This is what our drive looked like today

We drove thru lots of tree plantations

Big sawmill on the outskirts of Coos Bay

That's our truck & trailer you see beneath the sign

Our space

The view out our kitchen window

Charleston boat harbor


Boat coming into Charleston harbor

Oysters are big business in Coos Bay & Charleston

Closeup of oyster shells

An oyster boat

An old, sunken oyster boat

There's a tuna & crab processing plant in Charleston

On the short path to the beach

Looking south from the beach next to our park

Looking north toward Coos Bay

Looking back at the park

Ship coming out of Coos Bay

We think this was the pilot boat


Headed off into the sunset

We didn't hurry packing up this morning since we were only moving 50 miles up 101. It was misty rain for most of our drive but it cleared & the sun came out shortly after we arrived. We're staying at the Oceanside RV Park in Charleston. It was recommended to us by friends in the water aerobics class in Arroyo Grande & they were certainly right. It seems almost like a state park rather than an rv park because it's cut out of the native trees/shrubs & not overly developed. Our site is at the back of the park near the dunes beside the ocean. We can't see the ocean but we can sure hear it.

We took Callie for a walk on the beach. There weren't many shells or rocks but a great view of the mouth of Coos Bay. We saw a ship come out & think it was probably full of Oregon lumber since that's the major industry in this area.

We're looking forward to seeing more of the area tomorrow.

More later...

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