Our Campsite Salt Lake City

Another Campsite View

The Causeway Going To Antelope Island

Tons Of Birds Everywhere

Look At This Picnic Area

Awesome Views

More Awesome Views

About Antelope Island

We Saw A Lot Of Jack Rabbits

A Cool Buffalo

About Salt Lake

Awesome View Of The Lake & Mountains

Garr Ranch With Buffalo In The Field

About The Ranch

Jerry Checking Out The Buffalo

View Of The Ranch

Can You See All The Antelope In The Field?

Our Buffalo Coming Toward Us :-)

He Looked Right At Me

Then He Took Off :-) So Cool To See!

Our One Geocache On The Island

Monkey Tail Travel Bug Put In The Cache

Where The Cache Was Hidden

View From The Cache

Mountain Reflection

More Awesome Views

Checking Out The Edge Of The Lake

Close As I Could Get To The Water

Back At Our Patio See The Snow On The Car :-)

One Last View Of The Lake

We arrived in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, April 23. We are staying at the Pony Express RV Resort and it is fabulous. We love this place so much we are staying for two full weeks. We are surrounded by beautiful snow capped mountains on all sides no matter where we look out our window. We have to rate this one as the best we have ever stayed in. It is a brand new campground with paved sites plus room for your car with all the amenities. It even has a doggie run for Ollie. The views from the site are the most outstanding we have seen yet.

We took a day trip yesterday to the see the Great Salt Lake and what is called Antelope Island. Explorer John Freemont and his guide Kit Carson re-discovered the island in 1845 and while observing several antelope named it "Antelope Island". We can see why he named it that because we saw a ton of them on the island plus buffalo and jack rabbits. One buffalo we saw on the side of the road looked right at me. I had my camera aimed and he stopped and stared right at me. It was cool but kind of scary too. :-)

While on the island we visited the historic Fielding Garr Ranch. It had a ton of buffalo grazing in the back but they were hard to see. I got some pictures but they are not as good as the one that got close to us. The ranch represents 135 years of western ranching history. The ranch house built in 1948, is the oldest Anglo built house still on its original foundation in Utah. It was a cool place to visit and included in the price of $9 per car to visit the island.

We took so many pictures of this beautiful place I am going to have a hard time deciding which to share with you. The lake with the huge snow capped mountains all around was outstanding. I tried to get my toes wet in the water but you will see from the pictures it was way too muddy to get to. The birds on the island were also outstanding. I am still looking them up in my books and marking my new bird finds.

We also did one geocache on the island at a very rocky area. I dropped off my little monkey tail travel bug too. It was a beautiful place for geocaching. The pictures will tell the story when you view them. Today we are doing laundry, cleaning the house and getting ready for more adventures this week. More later from Salt Lake City.

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