Utah Jazz Basketball Arena

Triad Center

Awesome Churches

Downtown Trolley

Beehive House

Presbyterian Church

Look At That Stained Glass

The Capitol Building

State Street

Flowers Everywhere

Even The Dentist Office Was Blooming :-)

Close Up Flower Bed

Another Beautiful Close Up

Front Of House Called Beehive

Downtown Temple Street

Temple Square Garden Entrance

Temple Square

Temple Square Surrounding

Can You Believe This Place?

Close Up Tulips

Beautiful Gardens Everywhere

Jerry Enjoying The View

Just Incredible!

Every Color Of The Rainbow

Another Gorgeous View

More Fabulous Color

This Was Called Joyful

Beautiful Water Fountains

The Tabernacle

Side View Of The Tabernacle

More Gorgeous Flowering Trees

Close Up Of Trees

Close Up Of Tabernacle

More Awesome Tulips

More Beauty

Family Search Center

Another Beautiful Fountain

Just Beautiful!

More Awesome Flowers

One Last View

Driving Back Home

Gorgeous Mountain Views Around The City

Awesome Buildings

One Last Close Up

Yesterday we decided to do a downtown tour on our own. We didn't want to drive there on a weekday and deal with all that traffic. All the businesses were closed so we were able to drive all over and explore the city. We could not believe how beautiful it was downtown. It was awesome! The flowers were blooming everywhere. The whole of downtown was beautifully landscaped even the dentist office. :-) The more we walked the more beautiful it got. The most beautiful area was temple square. I will let the pictures tell you the rest of the story. I hope you enjoy as much as we did. This will be our last post from Salt Lake.

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