Back View Of Our Campsite

Awesome Bird Watching

Our Campsite From Road

St Charles Idaho Unusual Antique Store

Welcome To Paris :-) We will go back and do more exploring...

Paris, Idaho Tabernacle

Indian Creek Ranch On Bear Lake

Awesome View From Road

Barn Home On Lake

How Would You Like To Live Here?

More Awesome Views

Arriving Back Home

Hummingbirds At My Feeder

Look At The Size Of These Snowflakes

Ollie Enjoying Playing In Snow

Our Snowman Bear Lake

Ollie On The Beach At Bear Lake

Beautiful Blue Water

It Is Called The Carribean Of The Rockies

This Place Reminds Me Of Where We Stayed In Hawaii

Gorgeous Sunset Number 1

Sunset Number 2

Sunset Number 3

Sunset Number 4

Fire In The Sky Sunset

We are in Bear Lake State Park in Idaho. There are only two of us camping in the whole State Park. We hit the jackpot with this place. It was not officially open because of the frozen water from the cold weather so they offered us a choice of any campsite for FREE.

We have a holding tank full of water and will use it and just go for more when we need it and come back. We have 30 amp electric so we are set. This place is fabulous. The lake is called the Caribbean of the Rockies because of its turquoise water. It looks just like waves from the ocean it is so huge.

The Rocky Mountains are all around us full of snow. As a matter of fact, we had some of the most beautiful snow I have ever seen today. It was the size of golf balls. We are not sure how long we will stay, we keep checking with Yellowstone but they are getting more snow also.

The internet connection is very slow here so I won't be posting as many pictures but will add more as the connection improves. We visited a couple of towns in Idaho, one is called Paris and the other was Montpelier. We also saw a shoe house that I could not pass up. These people actually live in it and it's cool. I am in bird paradise here, I have seen so many new ones and I am still researching them in my new Western bird book from Jerry and Kim. Thanks Kim & Jerry! I have seen at least three kinds of hummingbirds at my feeder and they keep coming, even in the snow.

This place is unreal to me. It's like a desert in one area, then a lush green area around the lake, and then the lake is just like being at the beach with gorgeous snow mountains in the background. I hope my pictures do it justice. We have 18 geocaches printed out for tomorrow when it's suppose to be sunny. Today we are just enjoying this beautiful snow and watching the birds and relaxing. We are saddened by the news of Jerry's Uncle Sonny passing May, 6. Please pray for the family, he will be missed.

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