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First thing this morning Don was again approached by Liliana with questions about how her little camper worked. When Don came back, he said that she did not know how to switch to propane, so was unable to use her refrigerator or how to use the water pump. This poor lady was using an ice chest for her food and taking showers in the park bathroom.

We spent one more day here so we could do a Walmart run to refill a prescription and get a few more things. Unfortunately no one ever heard back from the doctor so this was a no go. We had initially planned on Don having an eye appointment here also , but that doc was on vacation. Grrrrr….

While waiting for the prescription refill, we did a bit of sight seeing. We were not able to go to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West museum due to more month at the end of the money syndrome, but did find a couple of freebies that were interesting. First we did a short walking tour of the prairie next to the Old Town where we learned about some of the rock formations and Colters Hell, so named because when he reported to the Easterners about all the hot springs, geysers and bubbling mud pots in this area, no one believed him. Then we did the visitor center at the Buffalo Bill Dam. Completed in 1910, it was designed to be the tallest dam in the world. While others have since topped that it was an awesome accomplishment. Three construction companies worked on the dam, with all three losing money on the deal. A power plant was added a few years later. More recently a massive project to raise the height of the dam by 25 feet took seven years to complete. The dam raising added 50 percent to the amount of water stored in the reservoir, enlarging the capacity from 456,00 to 650,000 acre feet maximum.

Liliana was a happy camper when we returned. She took back the ice chest and took a shower in her camper while we were gone. Success!

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