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The Marine base here is Air Marine. Helicopters, fighter jets, and transport copters are in the air all day long. It appears there is a quiet time from 11pm to 8am. That is when the free range chickens , emus, and roosters next door wake them up. There maybe a few Ostriches in there too but debate did not end with conclusive decision.

We eat a hearty breakfast and took off for the prison. It's an interesting place, filled with history of the area. when the prison was closed because of over population it was used for a high school. From the guard tower you can see the Colorado river, which is just a stream as it flows into Yuma. The guard tower was built over the water supply tanks to help keep the water from evaporating.

There was an Alcatraz exhibit at the Quartermaster museum that concluded our morning of incarceration education.

On to the Peanut Patch. A store that celebrates all things peanut. They will make you an 8 oz or 16 oz jar of peanut butter while you watch. You can choose salted or unsalted. The peanut brittle is famous and people were buying four and five sheets of it because the store is closed during the summer.

The temperature by this time was in the 90's and Dick had an appointment with the underside of our quilt. I left for the pool and felt as though I had laid down in a toaster oven set on broil. Kept to my 15 minute rule. 15 minutes in sun , 15 minutes in the pool till an hour had passed and I was medium rare. It was a good day!

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