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A sign telling about a Indiana Wedding

This sign is everywhere

Waterfalls everywhere

See the bear down by the water.

Wish we could have gorren a better picture

people watching the bear


Donald found another road for us to drive. It was a dirt road and it is really dusty here. We saw a sign that said Mountain Chief and Yellow Kidney Wedding Site. We sure would have like to gone to a Indiana Wedding. But we didn't get a invitation.

We followed the road to the end and it just went back to where we were yesterday. So we just had to go bear hunting again. Got to use my old folks pass . We drove back to the hotel and turned around. We had decided we weren't going to see anything. Was almost out of the park and saw a bunch of people stopped. Of course we had to find out what was going on. Oh boy a big bear out in the open down by the river. He just walked around down there eating and didn't pay any attention to us. This is when you wish you had a camera with a big zoom lens. Hope you can see the bear in our pictures but we sure weren't going to get any closer.

We watched him for quite awhile. There was even a big tour bus stopped and unloaded to watch him. Three rangers showed up and I am sure that was to keep people from getting to close to him. I can't believe people would get any closer but people are not to smart some time.

Donald now says his trip would be complete if he could just see a Moose. He knows he will see one in Yellowstone so guess that will be next week. We will be leaving here Tues Morn sure will be nice to get back where we have phone service.

We decided we needed to go to the grocery store. Just really needed bread. There is just one grocery store in this town. Boy did we have a rude awaking. A loaf of bread was $2.50. We were thinking about buying a pizza for supper but when we looked at them we voted that down. $10 for a Tony's frozen pizza. Of course you have all these tourist and only one store. We left with a loaf of bread. Also Diesel is $4.41.

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