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This morning I had my annual checkup by my ophthalmologist. The news was mixed. I don’t need to get new glasses this time and the virus in my left eye is still quiet. Hurrah!! He said that I can stop taking the antiviral drug if I want to but that continuing to take it will make it 50% less likely that the virus will flare up again. That’s according to a study done for over a year. There hasn’t been a study done for longer periods, so he doesn’t have any data to base his opinion on. He wrote me another prescription, refillable for a year, so I guess I’ll continue taking it. It’s not such an inconvenience and now I won’t be concerned if I should miss a dose.

The discouraging part is that I have cataracts in both eyes – a little worse in the left eye – but he wants me to wait at least another year before removing them. He pointed out that, because I am so near-sighted and because my left cornea is permanently scarred, I would be restricted from driving while the right eye healed. When the left cataract is removed, I will have to take the antiviral drug for at least a year afterwards.

I asked him if there is such a thing as artificial corneas. He said that there are but that they are still considered too new for general use. They are used as a last resort for patients whose corneal implants have failed multiple times. He thinks that they will be perfected in a few years, though. In the meantime, I’ll just have to settle for blurred vision in my left eye.

The predicted cold front moved into this area during the night. Of course the wind makes it seem colder than it actually is and is stirring up the mold and cedar pollen. I was among several people dealing with allergies today.

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