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View from our balcony

We had a fitful sleep due to the aircon problem. We did some washing the night before and it was half dry in the morning and much of it dry after breakfast.

J&C figured K&S would like a relaxed start following their long flight - however when they arrived for breakfast at 9, K&S had already finished. So they spent some time talking with the 2 maids ( one Bulgarian, one Albanian). Breakfast was ok - and we had the room to ourselves as everyone else was gone (swimming?)

J drove and we went for some exploration -

Firstly to the “wailing tree” the place where parents and grandparents farewelled their sons (usually) as the travelled down to Agia Pelagia to the ship that would take them away, mainly to the US or Australia, many never to return. J, K and S’s grandfather left here at 17 in 1909 and never saw his parents, sisters and older brother again.

We then did some cemetery exploration and walked around the villages of Christoforianika and Logetherianika. These areas probably well know to many of their Kytherian ancestors.

It was quite hot so we parked in Potamos and stopped at Panaretos’ restaurant in the Platia for a drink and a snack. It was nice in the shade and wasn’t very busy. Some Spanakopita and Zucchini balls (fritters) and some drinks.

After we wandered around the town - many shops were closed by now and it was quiet. We were impressed by the traditional buildings with little stone balconies with wrought iron balistrades. There is one very grand building,hopefully to be restored. A local was quizzed, but he didn’t know what the building used to be. By now it was time to return to the hotel for a siesta - little did we know!

We stopped just on the outskirts to have a look at the ornate British stone arched bridge. C waited in the car. 10 mins later when ready to leave - click, click, click.... - battery nearly flat and there we were outside the old school. J rang Panagiotis who suggested we must have left something on, but said he would come soon. Which he did. In the meantime, we all sat in the shade and talked. He arrived, jump started the car and “lectured” us about things we might have left on. J pointed out that the battery was a bit tired earlier and may be past its prime. Anyway, all was good and we were soon on our way for some R&R in the cool.

Oh, btw - J told Telis, the hotel owner, that the aircon wasn’t working. He said “ why didn’t you call me last night?” He came to the room and showed J that the controller was set on fan instead of cool! How embarrassing! J explained that was a GE and he was used to Daikens!

There is talk of a swim later!

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